It’s Time To FINALLY Build Your Business
The Way YOU Want!
Finally create the business you dreamed about…
And create the impact that you want
even if you’re working crazy hours and don’t have time

Are you rolling your eyes? 
You’ve heard these empty promises before… 
You don’t believe me and we’re a few lines in… 
I’ll wait a moment…
Believe it or not, I’ve heard what you're thinking before.

You might be like Sara:

"I’m working 24/7 trying to keep up with the business I built. Yes, I want to make a bigger impact.  I have a VA and it’s a big help but I’m still exhausted and can’t see my way out!  I don’t have time for any new projects"

Or maybe you’re like Eric:

"I started a podcast, and then it petered out when my other work fell behind. I do have some help but it’s not enough. I don’t have time to manage more people. I just need to get more organized."

How about Jamie:

"I have a team now.  But I’m not happy with the return on my investment. I’m constantly managing them and I never get my own work done. It costs a lot of money, and I just don’t see how I’m getting ahead?"

Or Charlie:

"I have so many things I want to do. I want to be an influencer but I can’t even post on social media consistently. I have some help but I'm still always behind!"

Does This Sound Like You?!

  • Your passion projects are always on the back burner?
  • Every day you see someone online doing what you want to do!
  • You’re so frustrated because you can’t get to your “real work.”
  • You work more hours than you care to admit!
  • You’re busy putting out fires to grow your business?

You like the idea of getting help but…

  • You have a VA and you still don’t seem to be moving ahead.
  • You don’t think more help will solve anything.
  • You feel responsible for everything.

Guess What? You’re Right!

Hiring, onboarding, training, creating processes, supervising... They are all RIFE with problems

  • Costs Money
  • Takes Time
  • You have to Train Them
  • ​And you have so much other work to do

Even if you can find your next hire or manage a small team, you’ve still got ALL your other work to do.  The stuff you want to get to and can’t because you're lost in the “work” stuff.  You’re busy being busy.

Blogging, social media, building a list, getting new clients, keeping your existing clients… you’re burnt out and you have such bigger things you want to do!

Because Let's Face it, Your Impact Needs to Be...


You’re jealous of those people that always seem to be out there and on to the next thing.  They wrote a book, they have a podcast, now they are speaking everywhere.  They’re being sought after and you feel like it’s all slipping away.

Hi, I’m Kris Ward 

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!

I spent years slaving away as a marketing strategist working 7 days a week. It was insane! I was completely exhausted trying to do it all myself! One day after nearly electrocuting myself, because I was in such a rush, I knew something had to change.

And like you, that’s when I hired my first Outsourcer and when I finally got some help. And life got easier! The changes began!

But, everything wasn’t fixed overnight. I hit a lot of bumps along the way. I had so much to learn like how to hire, train, and create processes so my team could become more efficient every day. I learned how to create a culture that inspired thinkers, so they managed me, not me managing them.

I was lucky that everything came together for me….
Because not too long after that I was pulled away from my business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. I had to hope that everything I had implemented could keep my business intact.

Two years later, after my husband’s passing, I returned to my business. It had not only survived my absence but thrived because of the team I had in place. After some regrouping, I was able to catch up on the work I missed, get a best selling book out, and launch a Top 10 Podcast, and create my first info product.

I’ve now helped MANY entrepreneurs just like YOU. Using these exact processes, to grow their businesses, finally get those dream projects out while dramatically decreasing their working hours and I can help you too!

 This Is A Rinse-And-Repeat System That WORKS, In All Industries and Niches.

Once you learn to do it once, you can repeat the process for a virtual UNLIMITED income potential in way less hours than you ever thought possible!

Fast Forward 90 Days From Today!

You’re Working Half The Time You Are Now,
But With Much Bigger Results.

How Does That Feel?

  • Do you get a surge of adrenaline?
  • Feel the ideas start to race?
  • Get excited about all you can show the world!

Good! Bottle that feeling up and stay with me, because guess what…

That Can Be YOUR Reality!

Imagine in 90 days from today.
You’re working half the time you are now, but with much bigger results.

  • Finally getting to your dream projects.
  • Getting ideas to execution easily.
  • Having a bigger impact on your audience.
  • ​Being a thought leader in your industry.
  • ​Freedom to work WAY less hours and take REAL vacations.
  • ​Creating multiple revenue streams.

All of this is possible without wasting time on running around trying to
manage a team or find that perfect person...

You Get The Idea!

So let’s recap, because this is exciting!
I want you to feel the excitement you should feel right now.

  • You can get your dream projects out easily and make more money!
  • You can truly have an impact on the marketplace and be viewed as a thought leader.
  • You can have a business that supports your life instead of consuming it
  • ​Once you complete the process A to Z you can repeat the process, again, and again to double, triple or 10X your revenue while decreasing your hours!

IMPORTANT: Don’t delay because you have a QUESTION!
Email me at
And I will personally answer your questions!

Want To Work With Us?

It’s All About BIG Results! No Fluff

Unlike other coaching programs where they cheer you on and laden you with homework we do all the heavy lifting. It’s a huge amount done for you and done with you…You move very quickly!


Phase 1


Mission, Vision, Ambitions Leverage, Lean and Scale

I get right to work. It’s a diagnostic stage
We figure out what you need.
With a quick inventory we can see what works for you best and lean into it!
I really am a ninja in this area!

Come Away With:

  • New hire(s) and yes, I hire for you!
  • Yes! I write the job posts based on your specific needs, and put candidates through our 5 step hiring process.
  • You get all sorts of results, and extra time.
  • Once you catch your breath, I show you how I did it!

Phase 2


Creativity, Clarity, Momentum, Manage, Move

This is where the magic really begins. Here is where we start building a simple and highly efficient process you will use for years to come. This makes you and your team highly efficient and creates more momentum in every passing month.

Come Away With:

  • An Easy onboarding blueprint that is super high efficiency!
  • Toolkits for training your team in a higher level of efficiency.
  • ​Fundamentals that allow your existing team and new members to increase their work flow by 10X.
  • ​This clears the day of busy work and allows you to start creating.
  • ​You start diving into your ambitions, bringing life to them for the first time.

Phase 3


Create Impact, Amplify, Celebrate, Scale

Here is where most stop!… But I don’t
I set up your company with S.Y.S.T.E.M(s) Save Yourself Stress, Time, Energy, and Money. It’s all about the systems and what we call Tool kits!
This is where things really get good.

– This infrastructure yields results you never had before.
– Your production level goes through the roof.
– Making your ambitions come alive again!
– Yes, all your dream projects are now part of your “every day” work.
– And your getting evenings and weekends off!

But the real magic is…
That your hires and budding team, also become super efficient.
The dynamics change and they manage you instead of you managing them!

Come Away With:

  • A team that manages you!
  • ​A workflow that supports growth and a constant execution of new projects.
  • ​Evenings and weekends off!

Here's What People Are Saying!

“It truly changed how our business ran and started serving us”

Shelley Johnson -Pension Specialist

"Changed my whole view on team building and how it REALLY impacts
your business and life"

John Nemo - LinkedIn Riches

“Completely changed my business”

Sue Pitchforth- Decor Therapy Plus

“I started seeing progress right away!”

Jackie Figueris

"Dramatically changed how I run my business and how I train my own coaching clients. Big results!"

Dr Emee Vida Estacio - Self-Publishing Made Simple

Wow! This has changed everything! 

William Winterton - Coaching Success

Abandon The “Dream” Of Your Business

This is a super exciting place you’ve never been here before!
This is the world that you’ve always dreamed of! It’s exciting!
But you need a new skill set! I can help with that!

IMPORTANT: Don’t delay because you have a QUESTION!
Email me at And I will personally answer your questions!

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