How To Shoot A Short 1 Minute Video and Get a Month of AMAZING Social Media Content!
"How To Crush Your To-Do List!"
Build A Rock Star Team For Pennies!
Double Your Income. Triple Your Time Off!
Does This Sound Like You? 
  • You’re always working long hours?
  • You work weekends?
  • Rarely get 8 hours sleep?
  • ​You check emails before breakfast?
  • ​You miss or move deadlines for your projects

I had subscribed to the old way of doing things...
  • where your personal life pays the price
  • you’re working harder, and harder
  • buying new technology
  • ​burning out
  • ​repeating the cycle
  • ​and I realized it wasn’t working
"I got a lot done in a day but it just wasn’t enough!  I needed something even bigger. "
Win The HOUR, Win The DAY
Who I Can Help? (sound like you?)
  • you have projects that you want to get out because they would have a big impact on your business 
  • ​feel like you need a team but think it costs too much 
  • ​or you’ve tried before and it's failed
  • ​wish you could get to the gym more (or at all)
  • ​you’re always rushing, expecting other people to keep up
  • ​you don’t stop for lunch 
  • ​you sneak emails when your with your family
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Hey Entrepreneurs! Are you going full speed just trying to keep up? Do you feel you have more losses than wins?  So the big question is… how do stop that craziness. How do you get to your next WIN! Well, this podcast will give you the answer!   
Join me on my journey as we have real conversations about struggles, successes and tips… So we can get you quicker, faster results, no fluff. And get you to your next WIN now!
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What People Are Saying...
"I'm very excited about where my business is going. ...and I know that the journey that I'm on I'm always learning and I'm putting these things into play. I am very, very happy with the Win the Hour, Win the Day Master Class. I couldn't recommend it more. Loved it. It absolutely has made a huge difference in my business."
- Decor Therapy Plus, Sue Pitchforth
"When I first launched my business, like most entrepreneurs I had big dreams of what I wanted to take it. But the reality was that, as the mom of two small young children I found myself burning the candle at both ends.
If you're an employee at a company and you want to gain back control of your time, if you read only one book this year. Win the Hour, Win the Day is that book."
- Kristen Hinman
"As a busy entrepreneur, Kris' book was a lifesaver. There are a lot of great points that needed to be reinforced and thanks to her, I was able to win back my day."
- Shelley Johnston
"I had to give you some feedback because it has just been absolutely incredible. First of all, I read it in like less than three hours and immediately wanted to start implementing some of your tips."
- Jackie Figueras
"Kris came into our business... helped me find more hours in the day and find more productivity within those hours."
- Michael Alaniz
"Honestly, it's one of the best productivity books that I've seen out there!"
- Erik Fisher, Beyond The To-Do List
“What’s interesting instead of it being a super strict system and overbearing (which is what I see with other a lot time management systems and other books). It’s a set of principles that you can live your life by, no matter what you do.”
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