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"How To Crush Your To-Do List!"
Eliminate 80% of Your To Do List! 
And 100% Of Your Guilt.
Does This Sound Like You? 
  • You are working long hours. 
  • Always racing the clock
  • Doing things you hate doing
  • ​Things you don't have time for
  • ​You need an easy and permanent fix
I had subscribed to the old way of doing things...
  • where your personal life pays the price
  • you’re working harder, and harder
  • buying new technology
  • ​burning out
  • ​repeating the cycle
  • ​and I realized it wasn’t working
"I got a lot done in a day but it just wasn’t enough!  I needed something even bigger. "
Win The HOUR, Win The DAY
Who I Can Help? (sound like you?)
  • you have projects that you want to get out because they would have a big impact on your business 
  • ​feel like you need a team but think it costs too much 
  • ​or you’ve tried before and it's failed
  • ​wish you could get to the gym more (or at all)
  • ​you’re always rushing, expecting other people to keep up
  • ​you don’t stop for lunch 
  • ​you sneak emails when your with your family
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What People Are Saying...
"I'm very excited about where my business is going. ...and I know that the journey that I'm on I'm always learning and I'm putting these things into play. I am very, very happy with the Win the Hour, Win the Day Master Class. I couldn't recommend it more. Loved it. It absolutely has made a huge difference in my business."
- Decor Therapy Plus, Sue Pitchforth
"When I first launched my business, like most entrepreneurs I had big dreams of what I wanted to take it. But the reality was that, as the mom of two small young children I found myself burning the candle at both ends.
If you're an employee at a company and you want to gain back control of your time, if you read only one book this year. Win the Hour, Win the Day is that book."
- Kristen Hinman
"As a busy entrepreneur, Kris' book was a lifesaver. There are a lot of great points that needed to be reinforced and thanks to her, I was able to win back my day."
- Shelley Johnston
"I had to give you some feedback because it has just been absolutely incredible. First of all, I read it in like less than three hours and immediately wanted to start implementing some of your tips."
- Jackie Figueras
"Kris came into our business... helped me find more hours in the day and find more productivity within those hours."
- Michael Alaniz
"Honestly, it's one of the best productivity books that I've seen out there!"
- Erik Fisher, Beyond The To-Do List
“What’s interesting instead of it being a super strict system and overbearing (which is what I see with other a lot time management systems and other books). It’s a set of principles that you can live your life by, no matter what you do.”
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